Arduino Nano Prototype Case

Hi, I'm developing a new prototype case for the Arduino Nano and I could use some feedback from the community.

I've posted a short video of it here:

I would like to know:

  1. How you feel about the design?

  2. What would you change if anything?

  3. Would a different design be preferable?

Thanks in advance

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I've been working on a small line of enclosures for the Arduino UNO and I could use some feedback. If any of you have a little free time would you mind taking a look at the UNO design and giving me your opinion?

I would like to know two things:

  1. What would you like to see in an enclosure?
  2. Is there any interest alternative case designs or is a plain black box good enough.

I've posted a short overview of this case on Youtube and here is the link

Thanks in advance

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When I case takes up more space than needed.. that is NOT a good thing.

Protecting the microcontroller is usually the main task. (not taking up more space)..

That being said.. Its not bad (not a fan of FDM 3D printers though... now a days resin printers are so much better and cheap as heck.. especially for things of that size/nature).... and if you are looking for a 'brain or fun/organic case the the customers will be happy. Its fun.

  • Video seemed to be more about prepping and painting 3D printer objects than about the case/Arduino side of things..