Arduino Nano Questions

Hey everybody, I'm totally new to this forum (and to arduino products for that matter) and I just have a few questions regarding the Nano.

  1. is it possible to have the Nano mirror a PWM input to one of its PWM outputs? The signal to my dodge ram dome light (dimmed via PWM) i would like to mirror to some foot well lights I installed. I will be adding more control in the future, but for now, just simple mirroring would suffice.

  2. is it possible to drive/control 2 outputs simultaneously? the same Nano that would be controlling the foot well lights, I would like to also control my under body lights. I would also like my underbody lights to be dimmed via PWM. The underbody lights would be using a different set of inputs for control, however, and not the aforementioned PWM input.

Here is a basic block diagram of the I/O's...

[dome light PWM input]                [             ]       [foot well lights PWM output]
                           ---->      [             ]         ---->
[underbody control input1]            [             ]       [underbody lights PWM output]
                           ---->      [    NANO     ]         ---->
[underbody control input2]            [             ]
                           ---->      [             ]
[underbody control input3]            [             ]
                           ---->      [             ]

So, I guess I'm asking, is the Nano is going to work for this situation?

The Nano has same chip as Uno, so 6 separate PWM outputs available.

The pulseIn() function can be used to measure pulse widths (high or low pulses), and thus read incoming PWM, so yes your setup is doable.

awesome, thanks for the reply!