Arduino Nano Required to Operate at 100Deg Temp

Dear Team,

May I know any higher temperature grade versions of Arduino Nano is available or not.
My required operating temperature is -40 to 100Deg.


Search for mil spec controllers and related components to build your own board. How many boards do you need, how many hundreds of $ can you spend for one board?

You also can search for industrial grade Arduinos in the forum.

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Fahrenheit? Centigrade? Kelvin? Rankine?


May i know Mil grade version of ATmega328 is available or not.
At present I need 5 boards only

This version of atmega328p is rated to 105+ C


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Degrees Celsius

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There seem to be a bunch of choices for the 328p processor:

(-40-105C seems to be considered "industrial" range.)

There's also a separate "ATmega328p Automotive" part that's supposed to be good up to 125C.

I don't know if there are any board-level products that claim to support that temperature range.