Arduino Nano Required to Operate at 100Deg Temp

Dear Team,

May I know any higher temperature grade versions of Arduino Nano is available or not.
My required operating temperature is -40 to 100Deg.


Search for mil spec controllers and related components to build your own board. How many boards do you need, how many hundreds of $ can you spend for one board?

You also can search for industrial grade Arduinos in the forum.

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Fahrenheit? Centigrade? Kelvin? Rankine?


May i know Mil grade version of ATmega328 is available or not.
At present I need 5 boards only

This version of atmega328p is rated to 105+ C


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Degrees Celsius

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There seem to be a bunch of choices for the 328p processor:

(-40-105C seems to be considered "industrial" range.)

There's also a separate "ATmega328p Automotive" part that's supposed to be good up to 125C.

I don't know if there are any board-level products that claim to support that temperature range.

I would be interested to know why you need these extended temperature ranges ?

I suggest you are looking at the wrong end of your system. The crystal oscillator will be the first component that will fail with those temperature extremes. If it does start at those temps, the the frequency stability will be really bad.

This module is a part of our silicon validation board which will go inside a temperature chamber .
Temp range is -40 to 130Deg

You can’t just run a temperature probe into the cabinet and keep the Arduino bits outside then ?

At present, I am doing like that...

If you can that, it is the best solution by far

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I worked for an IC test house in the late 80s and beginning 90s. We used ovens for burn-in (so only ambient and higher); those ovens had their own temperature control which was basically in a separate compartment of the oven, just like the oven at home. The sensor(s) was (were) incorporated in the oven compartment and wired through the separating 'wall'. The only time that external probes were used was when it was time to do calibration.

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