Arduino Nano RP2040 connect not reading I2C from sensor

Hello Arduino,

I am connecting a RP2040 to a Level shifter that connects to a I2C expander (At the very bottom) that receives data from a sensor. Running the set up with other boards works fine but not with the nano RP2040. Please help! Here is a picture. Also I am using the Mega 2560 5V to power the I2C expander chip.

Connecting one single sensor to the I2C on the nano board works fine.

Thank you in advance

A low resolution picture where you can’t see the pin labels is not sufficient description of your circuit. You need to post a schematic, not a physical layout program.

You also need to post your code.

Have you done an I2C scan?
Are you addressing the correct I2C bank?
Have you tried pull up resistors, not sure if your level shifter will supply that.

Try and build things up slowly, just start with a 3V3 I2C device connected directly to the nano. Get that working before connecting your level shifter, attach a 5V I2C device to that and see if that works, and so on. Build up slowly then you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Or look at the signals on an oscilloscope and see where they stop.