Arduino Nano Sine Wave Generator

Hello guys,

i have a project where i need to create a real Sine Wave.
The frequency should be adjustable between 50Hz and 60Hz. A wider range is not needed but possible.
Import for me is that i can adjust the amplitude of the Signal between 0-12V.

Now to the tricky thing, because of my small PCB i can only use an Arduino Nano.
On the internet i have found this post:

But the used controller is the Arduino Due and as far is i understood this example, the signal is generated via the internal DAC of the controller and the Arduino Nano only has PWM outputs no DACs.

So my question is, is there an I2C controller that can generate 12V Sine waves?
Maybe also a example schematic would be great, since i am not very used to these things.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

There are several I2C DACs that are compatible with Arduino. Just take 5 seconds and google it.