Arduino nano software serial ports


I am looking for a way to have a serial device on the hardware port of the arduino NANO and it must echo the data to all 3 extra ports. The input of the 3 extra serial ports with be polled in the 1.2.3 sequence and again 1.2.3 this data will be send to the hardware port baudrate is 9600
What is the best software to use I heard about software serial but there are some others aswell some are claimed to be much better. Can someone give me advise what the best lib I can use ?

My advice would be to forget the idea of using soft Serial interfaces on a Nano and to use the hardware Serial interfaces on a Mega

I agree with @UKHeliBob. Using 3 software serial ports on a Nano would be a nightmare if you could get it to "work" at all. Use a Mega with its 4 hardware serial ports.


Thanx I was looking for a small board but did see there is a Mega 2560 Pro Embedden that board is smaller.
When I recieve the boards I gonna play with it.
Your answer made me avoid the nano path.

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I'm curious as to why you gentlemen both advise not using a Nano for multiple serial ports?
My experience is that multiple software serial ports on a Nano don't work.
Does anyone know why?

That is why we don't recommend them

It does not work because there is only 1 buffer and data may be arriving at any time, perhaps when a particular port is not listening

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