Arduino Nano - Solar Panel - DS18B20 - nRF24L01+ - Max/Min temp issue

I've got a little setup with an Arduino Nano clone transmitting temperatures read from a DS18B20 sensor over an nRF24L01+ transceiver. Power is from 4xAA batteries and a 6V solar panel. Everything works great up until the temperature gets below 10C and above about 33C.

Has anyone seen something similar? I need to try and do some more tests (maybe change the DS18B20 sensor) but the device seems to run 24/7 absolutely fine but no temperatures are received above 33C or below 10C .

There is nothing in the sketch that would strip out readings above or below these limits. I wouldn't have thought 33C would be too hot or 10C would be too cold for everything to continue running.

The odd thing is that the 10C issue is an complete cut off at anything below 10C.

I plan on striping it all down to just the arduino and DS18B20 with batteries and test in the fridge to see what may be causing the issues.

Edit : I think I've Figured out the 10C issue.