Arduino Nano Speed Switch

Anyone have any ideas on making an industrial style speed switch. commonly used on conveyors etc to detect pulses from a magnetic sensor on the shaft and then output a constant voltage when running within the specified range of pulses per minute. I can buy the industrial speed switches but they come at a ridiculous price tag... any help would be greatly appreciated.

You give no information to form ideas on.


Does this magnetic sensor have some sort of electrical output you can use? Spec sheet? Or do you need to detect with magnet with a hall sensor or something?

What sort of output voltage do you require? What happens when the conveyor is not in spec?

So it's a 12v sensor hall sensor off an hay chopper. I can use any hall sensor I want though. And for output I just need a signal to switch a relay over. When the conveyer is out of spec I need it to kill the output power.

A module: Multi-Functional 3V-18V Time Delay Relay |

Function #13 looks right.