Arduino Nano Tetris Sketch

I have assembled a matrix using WS2812B Neopixel strips (30 LEDs/m). It consists of 14 total strips. Each strip is 14 pixels in length, for a total of 196 pixels. Each strip has a data path, to make the pixels individually addressable. I have the matrix connected to a power supply, outputting 5 volts. I am using an Arduino Nano V3.0, with the ATmega328P Microcontroller Board. The data output pin (D6) of the Arduino is connected to the data input at the left end of the bottom strip. I was following a project to create a sketch allowing me to perform Tetris on the matrix. However, the source code is no longer available. I have attempted to create my own code by referencing other programs. My only coding experience is a semester of C++ in college and this is above and beyond anything we ever learned. Everything is wired together correctly as far as the data path and power are concerned. The main obstacles for me are: 1) actually developing a sketch to perform Tetris, and 2) integrating some bluetooth controller to play the game. I've been fighting this for a while and I'm to the point where I'm willing to pay someone to do this. Is this a reasonable thing to ask? What would be a standard price for such a project?