Arduino Nano to Neo 6M and MicroSd

I'm looking a general guidance as to how I can make the following components 'talk'/'communicate' with each other:

Arduino Nano
Neo-6M (HiLetgo GY-NEO6MV2)
Micro SD (SenMod 5PCS Micro SD Card)
Bluetooth Module (DSD TECH HM-18 CC2640R2F)

My question is because I know that neo-6M can be written as I^2C or UART, the MicroSD is SPI and the bluetooth module is UART.

I haven't started writing a code or anything, I'm just trying to get an idea as to how to start/where to start and go from there. How can write a code that would work with all of the components?


Start by getting each device working with the Arduino individually