Arduino Nano TX Pin Flashing but Still Not Transmitting Data

This is bugging me because it used to work, but for some reason all of a sudden it just stopped working.

I am using a 3.5" Basic Nextion Display connected to the Arduino Nano using a 7.5V power supply. The Nextion Display is working fine as it’s displaying everything I coded it to when I connected it to the Nano (red wire on Nextion to VIN on Nano, black wire on Nextion to GND on Nano, and yellow wire on Nextion to TX Pin on Nano).

The Arduino and Nextion Edidtor code I am using are very simple (pretty much ignore the comments), but I highly doubt the code is the issue because I used the same code earlier and the Nextion display showed the data input from the Arduino.

What the current program is supposed to do is show a number counting from 1 to 200 on the Nextion display and then going back to 0, but when the system is connected, the value shown on the display is 0 still. Even as the TX Pin on the Arduino Nano is flashing, the data appears to not be transmitting on the display.

Any help is appreciated,
Thank you.

Nextion_Tutorial1.ino (4.07 KB)