Arduino Nano Upload - No Ports

I have an Arduino Nano (I think it’s a clone) but when I try to upload the sketch the IDE hangs for a long time and then times out.

Originally I had just one COM port listed as Standard Serial over Bluetooth link (COM6), but I thought this might be causing a problem so I removed it.

I then installed the CHS34x driver but it appears in Device Manager as:

POS Remote Device → Socket CHS [6E4F5B]

and now there are no ports listed in device manager.

When i plug in the Nano, “Ports” in the IDE is grayed out (ie. no ports are available). The Blue LED on the Nano is on, and at other times blue, red and yellow are all on.

Can anyone advise what is wrong or how to get it working? Is there any special Mini B cable I should be using?

On a side note: I can successfully upload my Teensy 3.2 sketch. Also, I seem to have a scrolling issue with my mouse - when I scroll down, it scrolls up a bit and then down a bit. I can scroll the mouse wheel a lot and the result is just jittery and unpredictable.

When you unplug your Nano from the computer does the "Socket CHS [6E4F5B]" device disappear from the Device Manager device tree listing?

No, it's always listed. Also, when I plug in the Teensy 3.2 a COM port appears and Windows plays a sound. When I plug in the Nano, there is no sound and no ports appear. So strange, I still can't work out what's wrong.

I've tried different cables and same result, so I think I can rule cables out. I also don't think it's a problem with the Nano board because it was working last time I used it on my previous PC about a year ago. My PC is a Dell Inspiron AIO running Windows 10 with latest updates.

You may not have the correct driver installed. CH340/341 or CP2102

Clone nanos often use one of the two linked above.


Thanks for your feedback. I installed the CP2102 driver but I still had no port. Then I tried another cable and now I get the Windows sound when I plug it in and the port appears.

Are there different types of USB Mini B cables? I tried 3 different cables - and it worked with the third cable.

There are charge-only USB cables that don't connect the data lines. These are tricky because they supply power, and thus you'll see the LEDs on the Arduino board light up, but you won't get a serial port. Those are most common with the micro USB cables, but I'm sure you can get them in any type of USB cable.

You might also have some defective or damaged USB cables which have broken wires or connectors.

You can also encounter this sort of problem if the USB cable is not fully inserted into the jack on the Arduino board or the computer. In some cases this can result in the board getting power but not data connections.

Thanks pert and ballscrewbob for your input - I will have to watch out for cables with power only. Sometimes when buying these cables they give such limited specs. When I look at the cables, the one that worked looks just a little fatter than the other two.