Arduino Nano Uploading Problem


I’m currently using this nRF24L01 module connected to Nano to control the lights on/off. However, when I tried to upload it, it just keeps on “uploading” far too long and the red led or red light (that usually blinks like in a very fast speed) didn’t even blink when it’s in an “uploading” stage. Also no there aren’t any error messages that would show when it’s “uploading” and Nano’s working fine when used with something else other than this.

The codes and diagrams are as follows:
(Note: the codes and diagrams I’m using are not mine. They are only samples that I got from this youtube video (How to make a wireless remote (nRF24L01 Arduino Tutorial) - YouTube)) Thank you.



Radio Send diagram_bb copy.pdf (700 KB)

Radio receive diagram_bb copy.pdf (627 KB)


This error shows up:
avrdude: no programmer has been specified on the command line or the config file Specify a programmer using the -c option and try again arduino

I think it has something to do with RF24 library but I've come across so many RF24 libraries I'm not sure which one really works. Hoping anyone could help; it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.