Arduino nano usb3 smoke


I’m new to this hobby, I got the nano and connected it to USB3 port on my PC.
Then there was some smoke and I disconnected it.
Arduino can work with USB3? or need only USB2?
Now when connecting to USB2, there is no PWR light on the Arduino.

I saw some tutorials in the web about how to fix damage diode. but I’m not sure this is the case. My clone Arduino looks little different.

I’m attaching an image of it, and the part that was smoke.

Thanks In advance.

islavi's picture: |275x500 That's a capacitor that burned but the process for replacing it should be the same as for an SMD diode.

Usb 3.0 should work (my boss has called should "the s word" ...,) though there are sometimes compatibility issues, these normally result in the computer not being able to talk to it, not the tants catching fire.

Thanks, I read somewhere that USB3 supply 0.9A current, and the maximum current for nano is 0.5A. But it is strange I do not see many issues like this in the web (maybe my nano was defective). The fact that the capacitor was smoked and not the diode, is it because high current? Can I do something to bypass this capacitor? I do not have spare parts, and buying one new will take more than a month.

Where are you located that it takes a month to get a part?

Is there a lot of AC ripple on the DC power source? That might damage a cap if the cap wasn't rated for it. Looks like a standard 10uF cap, probably 1206 size, example:

You could remove the burnt part and a 10uF cap across D1 from the VUSB side to Gnd.

I leave in Israel, but usually order from china. I will try to connect a cap like you suggested and see if it will work. Thanks