Arduino Nano (using multiple Rx and Tx)

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Hello im currently learning the arduino fundamentals which ive already familirise myself with since i worked on different microcontroller such as STM32F4 Discovery Board.

The reasons I like Nano is because of the small build with adequate potential to do such task. but im currently having a problem since im currently making a small project that have an arduino (nano) connected to 1.7 inch LCD screen, a Bluetooth module and a wifi module.

Trying to simplify as small as possible, how ever the Wifi and BT module requires Rx and Tx (possibly LCD screen too), however arduino nano has only 1 Rx and Tx each, so im bit stuck, is there any way to manipulate the other free digital pins?

Ive heard that you can use Softwareserial that can set digital pin into Rx/Tx pins? is that possible? whi is according to datasheet.

If not, then using arduino mega 2560 is another way but is way to big

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you should start with an Arduino Mega 2560 board, and if that works well, you could try to shrink your project and use a smaller board. The Arduino Mega has three spare hardware serial ports.

The Arduino Nano has just one hardware serial port, and that is used to upload a sketch and for the serial monitor. It can be used for something else, but you might have to disconnect that to be able to upload a sketch.
The Arduino Micro (a smaller version of the Arduino Leonardo) and the Arduino Leonardo have a spare hardware serial port, that is already so much better than the Uno in many situations.

The SoftwareSerial can be very useful, but it has a big influence on the timing and interrupts of the rest of the sketch.