Arduino nano v3.0 pins dead?

Hi guys,
When I connect a Led through a 220R with the normal 3,3V Output from the Nano it lights up. However when I use the Blink example with any other pin it doesn't work...could I have already broken the Nano? It is brand new and flashing works just fine


Did you try pin 13?

Yes, that was the first one...tried it at least 5 times. I also tried it on other boards just to be sure that the program is working.

So if you upload blink, the built in led flashes , and if you alter the delay times and upload again that works ? ( important bit! to prove you are uploading)
When you change to another pin, do you change pin mode and digital write to the new pin in the sketch ?
Finally are you connecting the led the right way around , from the desired pin to the gnd connection.
Powering the nano with the USB lead ?