Arduino Nano v3.0 Replacing Diode MBR0520LT1G

Arduino Nano v3.0 Replacing Diode MBR0520LT1G

Well, I'm not doing anything yet, but after my Nano stoped working via USB and after reading on Internet about similar problems, I found that I "burned" (if that's the word to use) the Diode on the USB input.

I also read it is a MBR0520LT1G.

Now my question. Because I saw people replacing it, other ones placing a 1N400x (Thru hole) and somes also using just a wire.

This is what I have prepared, a 1N4007 ready to be solder. (I'm not doing it till I see if I can find the same component) but just in case I can't.

Is this a good alternative? Would another thru hole diode be a better option? (I think the 1N4007 isn't the best option, that's why I'm not doing anything yet)

I'm open to all suggestion, even other Surface Mount diodes alternatives.

Thanks for the feedback.

The original is a Schottky diode, with a nominal 0.3V drop.

That 1N4000-series diode has a nominal 0.7V drop.
In lieu of no better alternative, that's OK, it won't hurt anything.

The replacement diode is available from DigiKey.

Thanks. Yes, in Argentina, we don't have the things so easy :stuck_out_tongue: I haven't go to the electronic house yes, but just getting ready for alternatives, in case this is not a good option.

Related with the "Current" the Schottky is 0.5 Amp. and the 4007 I think it's 1 Amp. Could that be a problem?

No, not a problem.
It might be a better deal if the Nano's diode had a higher rating.
As it is, when it goes bad it smokes good.

You could jumper it out, but you would have to make sure that you don't/won't have external power and V_USB connected at the same time.