Arduino Nano v3 dump flash memory

Hi all, I've an arduino nano v3 board and I would dump the full content of the 32KB flash memory.

The only constraint I have is that I don't want to overwrite not even a byte in the flash memory to accomplish the task.

Is this possible? maybe through ICSP

It's my first time playing with arduino, thanks for your time.

I never tried it myself, but I think you can do it with avrdude by specifying -U flash:r:filename.hex

If this means nothing to you and you want to stick to doing this with just the Arduino IDE, then the answer is probably “no”.

If, however, you are not opposed to trying, please post whether you are using Windows and the COM port and I will try to explain in detail how to accomplish that.

You can dump all of flash and the fuses using eXtreme Burner AVR software and a USB ASP cable connected to ICSP pins.

The eXtreme Burner software is free for download (They ask for donations) and it is totally GUI so all you need to use is your mouse. When I downloaded it a couple years ago it did not have the 328 chip as one of the options but there is a patch you can easily do if it is still that way. I found the patch by Googling for it.