Arduino Nano V3 ouput pin D11 doesn't work anymore

For a little rc project (multiWiicopter) I used a arduino nano v3. To power de Nano I used 3s lipo (12v) to Vin, and ground offcourse to GND. Now I accedentely connected the board the wrong way arround on my homemade printboard. By doing this the 12v from the 3s lipo went into pin D12, and the GND went into pin D11. Now I switched the function from D12 to 3v3, because D12 didn't work no more. Because of the 12V it got

But Pin d11 doesn't give any output also Pin 11 only funtioned as GND when I connected it wring, so that wouldn't destroy the Pin would it?

I hope it's all clear, because my English isn't perfect.

Kind regards remie

D12 and D11 completed a circuit, with 12V running through it. That's well outside the limits of the Arduino, so they are both fried.