Arduino Nano ver3 5V regulated pin max current draw

I've been looking but can't find a spec. Does any one know what the max current draw from the +5V pin on the Arduino Nano V3 (I believe it's pin #27 on the carrier)? Thanks.

If you are powering the Nano through the USB port, the onboard regulator is not used, so the max current would be whatever your USB supply/computer can power. That is often 500mA. If you are powering the Nano through the VIN pin, the onboard regulator is used. Look with a magnifying glass at the regulator on the bottom of the board and google to find the data sheet for that particular regulator. On my Nano it is AMS1117. You may have a different regulator on your Nano. With mine, I may be able to get 1A, but that will vary depending on how many volts I am feeding it through VIN. And I am limited on how much heat I can dissipate without a heat sink.

Thank you. That answer it.