Arduino Nano - voltage regulator

Hello, when I started my setup with a second power source (12V), I guess I managed to get the Arduino Nano powered by that 12V. In the long run the voltage regulator switched off.

Now the RX LED is permanently on and the board does not work anymore. Is it possible to simply replace the voltage regulator "AMS1117" instead of throwing away the nano?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It is possible to replace it, but whether it is simple or not depends on your soldering skills and equipment available and, of course, your accident may have damaged more than the voltage regulator

I'd guess it's probably fried. You can confirm by connecting 5v directly to the Nano. If it works then maybe you just need to replace the regulator as @UKHeliBob said... otherwise... :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply! A mistake on my part was also the connection of the nano on the +5V pin. Correct would be the VIN pin, which runs through the voltage regulator and converts the excess current into heat. I have luckily several Arduinos and can thus immediately overheat the next. : )

12V on the 328P and the TTL-to-USB converter is guaranteed to kill them.

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