Arduino Nano write to registers

Hello everyone,

I have an Arduino Nano 33 IoT board connected with an IMU. I want to make few alterations on the IMU like hardcoding the calibration offsets values in order to use them every time the board powers on. My main concern is how can I write directly to the registers from the Arduino IDE platform. I imagine that this has to do mainly with C# programming and specifically with ESP32 but any help will be useful.

Thank you

Was that a typo as the Arduino is programmed in C++ not C#

Arduino uses C++.

On that note its usually like this:

RegisterName = Value

Just need to check register name from datasheet, often its same name support of controllers uses under Arduino.

If this sensor hangs in some bus like spi/i2c then normal ways to transfer data/commands on those bus apply.

What IMU is connected and how is it connected? Peripheral chips usually connect through SPI or Wire/I2C/TWI.

Not for an IMU. You are talking about memory mapped CPU registers.

I am using BNO055 with I2C

The Nano 33 IOT has a built in IMU

but it sounds like @Vehasmaa is not using it or maybe does not know that it exists

In either case, look at the library used to communicate with the chip to see how registers are read and written.

How did you get the BNO055 to connect to the nano 33 iot? I keep having problems with the Wire.h, specifically the definition of Twowire. I've looked on the internet and tried their solutions, but none worked. How did you manage to do this?

After 2 months, do you think the poster will still be around and reading all the threads? Send them a PM. Start your own topic if you like, instead of hijacking a thread.


I had no problems regarding the connection. Basically, I just included the Wire library it was plug and play.

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