Arduino nano


a couple of weeks ago I posted something and noted at some point the best way to get a nano to work was to get a genuine one, and had a lot of people on here saying, no that’s not right’. Anyway, I have just purchased 4 nano’s that have bootloader and sure enough, my computer will not read them. A genuine one would have worked first time.

The com only shows com 3, and although the nanao lights up, when I upload I get the message

avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x20

I have googled this and get numerous answers about how to fix this. All of them different.

Why did I buy non-genuine? How stupid am I!

The last time I did this I sold them again.

Any advice welcome! Please don’t say load a modem driver. That doesn’t work.

all fixed.. ignore my rant

Install Linux?

It works better and is overall more helpful. No spurious drivers needed, they are built-in. I am using an ancient Fedora (because its updater has croaked) and Mint which works just fine. Unfortunately, the IDE that automatically downloads from the repository is not the latest version - we appear to lack someone with expertise both in managing the repositories, and using the Arduino IDE.

And of course, you just dual-boot Linux - so you run Windoze to play games, Linux for engineering as well as Web browsing, email etc.

Now as to your current problem please summarise without us having to go and read through all of your other posts -

  • A Web reference to the ones you purchased.
  • What USB chip do they use?
  • Are they running "blink"?
  • What does the "Hardware Manager" think that COM3 is? Probably other things I should ask, but we cannot help until and unless we know what you are actually doing.

Johnredearth: all fixed.. ignore my rant

What? You mean it actually does work?

Well, you better explain why.