Arduino Nano

THE ARDUINO NANO ( Only the nano )

costs around 120 ( ZAR ) South African Rands

a brand new Nano from a company called YEBO ELECTRONICS

can any one suggest that once i get a nano will i i require any other cables or accessories ?



You need a Mini USB cable (not micro USB like cellphones use now, the thicker mini usb connector).

It may or may not be included with the nano clone you're buying - ask the seller. (Any $10 (120 rand = ~$10) nano is a clone, as the official ones are like $20; though $10 is kind of expensive for a clone, chinese nano clones can be had on ebay/aliexpress for ~$3)

You will also need things to use with it, depending on what you want to build with it - sensors, lights, servos - plus probably some common electrical components. You may also want a solderless breadboard (and the jumperwires for it). But that all depends on what you're making with it.

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