Arduino nano


First of all, I’m a beginner.

I’m trying to connect an Arduino NANO on my laptop.
I don’t know why, I can’t select the Port “COM”, when my cable is connected.
As you can see the board is OF Course energized thankd to the cable

And so of course I can’t export to the board.

if I do that on Arduino UNO I don’t have problem.

Hope somebody could help

thank you

pic 2.png

Have you tested the Nano on its own? Could be something on your breadboard, so unplug it and reduce the number of variables.

Where it says Board “Arduino Nano” go to the triangle and select old boot loader.

If it is a fake Nano it could have a different USB to serial chip, and you will need to download a driver for that for your computer.

Thank You to all

Yes it's seems it comes from nano.
I will investigate

thank you