Arduino Navigation

Hello. Can someone guide me what hardware and the code I need to make a navigation display which just shows turns and distance to turn and is connected to phone via bluetooth. Something like the picture attached:

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Do you mean to get the car routing info from the phone and display it ? If so you’ll need something on the phone that can transmit that data - no idea if that’s possible .

The Arduino itself cannot do the job of a sat nav

You will need an app on the phone to get the navigation instructions from somewhere and send them to the Arduino in some form. That would probably be the best place to start and writing a phone app is not something most people here are likely to be able to help you with.

For the Arduino part, well... you need a display. There are many to choose from. Do you know what size and shape you want?

You will need bluetooth capability. Maybe use an Arduino Nano 33 BLE?

Actually, the best device to do this simply, would be a mobile phone! :sunglasses:

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