Arduino neo 6m

Hello! I am new to arduino and this is my first post. I want to make a project for my bachelor degree and I need a GPS module. I bought GPS NEO 6m, but i have a problem: I am not receiving latitude and longitude coordinates. After I plugged it i waited for half an hour, it started comming more data but not latidude or longitude. I am using an Arduino UNO.
I plugged VCC to 3.3V as I read that i can fry it by plugging to 5V. Rx to Rx, Tx to Tx. The led on the module is blinking intermittently. I did not try going outside, maybe I can try that or there is a problem with my antenna (i reaallyy hope not). I am not using any code, just the bare minimum code.
Here is the data I am receiving.
Can you give me any tips? Thanks!



Try with the antenna with a clear view of the sky. GPS reception is line of sight, and the satellites are not stationary.

Post the text, that screen shot is almost impossible to read.

If there is a $GPGGA sentence that shows the correct time, and has N or S plus W or E in it then the GPS has a fix.

I have 7 NEO-6, 7, OR 8 GPS units in my parts box. 6 work fine. 1 gives only time, not position. It might be the module

A poor or faulty antenna can also cause that problem.
If the GPS is only getting very weak signals, it will often just display the time.
The $GPGSV sentence will tell you the signal strengths the GPS is seeing.

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