Arduino Nero

Has anyone heard of the "Nero" board? I inherited a new one from a friend, and the documentation that came with it says it's supposed to be compatible with the Uno. But, of course, it's not. When I try to program the board in the Arduino IDE, it doesn't recognize the board, and won't set a port. It seems a shame just to toss the thing in the trash.

This was the top hit on the search engine I used. Is it the board you have?

If you get the appropriate USB driver installed on your computer it should work just fine.

Thanks, GF. I saw this website but, unfortunately, I’m on an iMac and not a Windows computer. And I couldn’t find a driver that works on Mac. I wrote to the company, but it has been unresponsive.

Did you try the drivers here?:

I did try the correct driver for my Mac OS - downloaded and installed - and my USB device tree (Bus) can properly
identify the FTDI NerO - but the problem seems to be with the Arduino IDE. It simply can't find the port, or validate the NerO.

So, are you saying that you can see a port in the device tree, but that same port doesn’t appear in the Arduino IDE’s Tools > Port menu?

It simply can't find the port, or validate the NerO.

Note that for non-Arduino boards (and even older Arduino boards), the IDE doesn't "find" and "validate" the port - you have to set it manually in the tools menu, even though it doesn't get labeled as an "Arduino" of any kind...

I use Arduino with Mac also. This sounds to me like the problems some people are having with signed/unsigned drivers on the most recent versions of the OS.

I'm pretty sure that if you get the driver issued resolved you'll be able to use the Nero with your mac.