arduino net control?

Hi, Im a noob here, and Ive been brewing up an idea. I want to know if it is possible to create internet control of servos/stepper motors using an Arduino? Going by what I have seen so far, yes it is possible, but I have no idea where to begin and seem to be going round in circles as I find other projects, but limited or confusing info. If there is someone that could point me in the right direction, it would be great! Thanks

Had a very quick scan of the Ethernet library, looks possible at first glance. You'd have to decide on some simple coding scheme for the data. Some of the examples use telnet, so I suppose at the client/controller end you could enter a number representing the servo position you want. How sophisticated do you want to be at the controller end?

Hmm, sparked my interest now, might have to get an ethernet shield :)

so heres what i had in a puppet/toy thinking of creating a 'real virtual' game...where the characters and setting are actual, physical objects, its captured on webcam and controllable over the net... With the hope of forming an online community around it. The physical aspecs of the idea are easy for are the mechanics...but the techo-digital aspects are a tad more new for me...i can and have coded games before...ive used arduino for a 'tagtool'...but never dived deeper into the potential of arduino than simply copying the required script and downloading it into the unit made following a clear step by step guide. So as you can idea is more a pipe dream, but i wanna explore the potential using things i already have some experience with. So any guidence, or help is greatly appreciated. Maybe someone with a super arduino brain would like to team up with me on it???

There are several current discussions on the forum concerning web based control of the arduino. Reading those may answer many of your questions.