Arduino netbeans (serialtalk)

Hey guys, i'm trying to get my Arduino to talk with Netbeans using serial. I've followed a step by step guide and in Netbeans but when I run the code on Netbeans it says that 32bit isn't compatible with 64bit. And a problem with some java files and rxtx com and rxtx serial.dll.

So then i go into the arduino files and change the rxtxcomm and rxtx serial to 64bit versions. But then my arduino program dosen't load.

But my netbeans error changes to this.

run: Exception in thread "main" at at serialtalk.Main.main( Using port: null Java Result: 1 BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 0 seconds)

This is really bugging me :/ Would be great to get some help.



Hi Lewis

looks like you are not assigning any port number to the declaration. Or you don't define any serial port at all.