Arduino Networked lamp issue

Hello, I am new to Duemilanove and have constructed the Networked lamp example from the Getting Started book.
Arduino board is running, initial led flash approx 5 time, serial traffic on the board led's. LDR is also working -can see it in the serial monitor
Have the processing sketch running in the Processing IDE, and am seeing the screen it generates. Note have set Com port in code correctly also

But I am seeing no real activity on the PC screen, no light level or updates in the peace, love and arduino boxes??? Sw is refeshing every 10 seconds as it should - just no data and no RGB led activity?

Advice welcomed :-X

Hi all, Update, I have now managed to get the LDR reading out on the PC window, and now have the LED's on the beadboard illuminated!!!!!

Messed about with some of the Search words and get different results

Not sure how dynamic this mood light needs to be though. Guess I need to find a more active blog to monitor some key words