Arduino Newb Control Servo


Do you have a potentiometer lying around?

I remember the first thing I did with a servo was control it with a potentiometer (The position of the servo would be whatever the position of the potentiometer would be)

Look at the servo sweep example that comes with the Arduino IDE.

You may find some useful stuff in Planning and Implementing a Program


Robin2: Look at the servo sweep example that comes with the Arduino IDE.

You may find some useful stuff in Planning and Implementing a Program


This looks useful.

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buildafriend: How could one store a servo position and recall it at a later time?

How could one do this for hundreds of servos?

If you mean that you want to store the position while the Arduino is switched off and recall it when you next power it up then you can store data in the EEPROM memory. It has space for many different positions. However the EEPROM memory has a limit of about 100,000 write cycles which means you should not update the stored data too often.

Why would you need data for hundreds of servos when an Uno can only manage a max of 12 of them?

I wonder if your phrase "hundreds of servos" means something different to you?


Imagine a large format mixing console with total recall of all knob and fader movements.

That’s not the problem.

The question is how such a large number of items could be of interest to a single Arduino?

Maybe this is a project for the combined resources of a PC and a few Arduinos?


buildafriend: It may be smarter to make these functions for 12 1.8 degree stepper motors with 1 Arduino before moving on to many.

Jumping to different technology is not that simple.

The number "12" applies to servos and has nothing to do with stepper motors.

Steppers are a lot more complex to use than servos. First of all, they have no idea where they are so each motor will need some means to establish its ZERO position every time the Arduino starts. Then every stepper will need its own stepper motor driver board. (with a servo the electronics are included). And every driver board will need to connect to two Arduino pins (for step and direction) so an Uno could, theoretically control 9 steppers if it needed no other I/O apart from a Serial connection.

You really need to describe the project you want to implement rather than focusing on how you think it might be done.

...R Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

buildafriend: Jumping to different technologies is not that simple? Sounds like some slightly self defeating philosophy.

That is not the sense in which I intended my comments. I was just trying to alert you to the fact that different considerations apply for servos and for stepper motors.

but let's stop posting here and go to the thread that I made that debates between the use of servos and steppers for this stuff and then I'll come back here ;)

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