Arduino Newbie (grinz)

(cut and pasted from my post in another thread):

right after I uploaded one of my own programs, my RS232-TTL converter blew (max232 workalike by ST) leaving my boarduino dead in the water. It works just fine, I simply can’t talk to it. Happily, I was sitting on a “real” Arduino, not having even unboxed it yet. This is my first actual Arduino… So, I’m now a “Legit” Arduino user

I’ll skip getting another max232 for now and use the Arduino as an ISP programmer for the Boarduino I think. I’ve been meaning to do this anyway, as I also got a “SmartLCD” device off ebay a while back, it’s a ATMEGA168 with a dedicated 4x12 LCD and a couple of buttons… think I got it for $3 shipped… just haven’t done anything with it as it needs an ISP programmer and I’ve been too lazy to load the sketch.

So geez, I’m totally new to Arduino… any recommendations? :wink:

been too lazy to load the sketch

Are you sure you even want to do anything with Arduino or electronics?

Someone’s RFC really needs to address the worldwide need for a sarcasm font… or wry smile font… hehe

The Arduino is of course ready to go out of the box… which compared to the Boarduino (because the Boarduino is a kit, and uses an external USB-to-RS232 as well as RS232-to-TTL bridges, and the RS232-TTL is also a kit) is up and running sketches within minutes of taking it out of the box. The Boarduino I purchased as a kit, mainly because it had been far too long since I had done any component work, and needed a little soldering practice. By the time I had put together the two kits, made cables, and all that fun… it was a solid few hours until I ran my first sketch- but that was time well spent in my case.

From a software development standpoint, the Duemilanove was of course easier to “get going”- but I think that I actually learned more at the outset by assembling that Boarduino myself… there’s no way I could work with these SMT components on the Duemilanove on my kitchen table without going blind…

Now, back to optimizing FFT code for the updated spectrum analyzer… just a confirmed junkie getting a fix of the Real Stuff :wink:

I only have just one Arduino :smiley: