Arduino newby fitting rtc ds1307

Hi all im new to the arduino and im trying to fit a rtc da1307 to a arduino uno and program it. I have connected the rtc to the uno with Vcc- 5c Grnd- grnd Sda- analog 4 Sla- analog 5

I dont have a clue what i need to do now to get it working

I'd suggest the Time Library:

Is it just the chip or do you have it on an interface board?

Its on an interface board

Well you've got it connected properly so all you need to do is use the appropriate libraries to communicate with it. As mentioned above you need the Wire library to do the actual communication part, and an RTC library to set and read the time.

I have tried using the libarys but they keep coming up with errors saying rtc not declared in scope

In that case this might be better off in the programming section, and list your code and the errors it generates.