Arduino/NFC project.

Hi -

I can't give all the details away here, but we need help building a system with Arduino and NFC. Happy to give a more detailed brief, please get in contact for more info. We'll pay up to $50 per hour for this, so do get in touch if you need some work.

You should at least define the NFC acronym.

Natural Freerange Chicken.
Nuclear Fallout Cooking
Nice Fluffy Chinchillas
Negative Feedback Consent
Nugent (Ted) Fecal Collection

Any one of those, I'm your guy. Pretty sure you aren't getting much response since you are so secretive that you won't even tell us what it is.... making an offer of paying "up to $50/hr" for what may be R&D and protyping for what is an unknown, well that's just silly.

Probably means Near Field Communications. Two-way RFID, I think.

It's quite obvious the poster hasn't a single clue.. and hasn't even posted a second time after making this, his first post.

Waste of time.