Arduino NG:Upload succesfull - sketch not starting

Hi, first of all I’d like to say, I love your arduino board and I’m really excited in working with it but there is this little problem, maybe someone can help me! :slight_smile:

I’m running ArchLinux and I’m building and uploading my sketches like described here → because my arduino IDE doesn’t upload the sketches to the board, it compiles but it doesn’t upload. Ok with the mentioned command line method it works to upload the sketches, the TX and RX LED’s are blinking while uploading. But after that the sketch seems not getting executed. I’ve uploaded the Blink Sketch and but my LED isn’t blinking, and yes it’s correctly connected to the board (because it blinks 3 times at restart or normal start of the board)

any suggestions? TIA lukrop :slight_smile:

Hmm, which chip do you have on the board? If it’s a ATmega168, you’ll need to change the MCU line in the Makefile.

I changed the line to fit on my chip (atmega168)

There is a known startup bug with the Arduino NG that makes it look like it’s lost its program. This happens when the RX pin floats and the bootloder thinks it’s about to receive a program. The solution is a 10K or 4.7K resitor from the RX pin to ground.

i couldn’t test it yet but maybe is that the problem?

got it working, I didn’t setup the foo.cpp correctly… there has to be a int main{} :slight_smile: Oh, I’m sooo happy now I can start hackin :smiley: ;D

edit: just tested this one →

works well with screen :slight_smile: