Arduino, Nokia 6320 and connection cables

Hello, My mobile phone (Nokia 6320i) being able to send/get AT commands, I would like to interface it to my Arduino. :) For exemple to send SMS!

It seems to be possible, regarding this post: However, the poster did not say what kind of cable he used/made.

Using original cables?

There exists two different ones: - DKU 2, that I used to interface the phone with my computer to try AT commands. Specs: - DKU 5, that looks exactly the same than the former, but it seems it is in fact a "hidden" serial cable. Specs:

> With the DKU 5, it would be perfect cutting the cable, and maybe using a 3.3/5V level converter, right ? I'm not sure it is compatible with the phoe however...

> But what about the DKU 2 ? I don't think Arduino Duemilanove is able to read true USB data, although it has an USB port ?

Directly from the phone? I found the details of the phone's connection pins here:

The interesting part is:

| 6 | FBus Rx/USB D+ | USB exists only in some models*. Should be connected to USB pin 3 in usb data cable. (USB DATA+) | | - | - | - | | 7 | FBus Tx/USB D- | USB exists only in some models*. Should be connected to USB pin 2 in usb data cable. (USB DATA-) |

> Would it be possible to connect those two Rx/Tx pins to the ones of the Arduino, again using maybe a 3.3/5V level converter ?

If anyone can lighten me up, I would be very grateful. Thank you, Klaus : )


maybe this will help:

I had not seen those pins, thank you jonsn0w :) Unfortunately, it is maybe simpler to connect phone and Arduino with this method, but the FBUS protocol seems less powerful and harder to use than the AT protocol.

Any ideas about using the default communication ports (see my post above) ?