Arduino + Nokia 7110 LCD + Make it work = LCD 4 U

Hello all,

My mother was raised catholic so I'm able to make confession by default, I think.
I bought a dozen Nokia 7110s off of you-know-where in an effort to a. save dough and
b. punish myself as there is no tutorial on how to connect an Arduino to a 7110 easily.
So my plan is to offer in exchange for helping to put together a tutorial, four of five of these LCD's gratis.

This is what I have found so far:

A link to someone who's got an 7110 connected to a ATMEGA163,
I have looked through the schematic he posted and have tried to match up as best as I can
the pin connections between that and the schematic for an Arduino Duemilanove
with an ATMEGA328. There are some discrepancies however, the pins he lists as "C1-C5" on the
163 I don't know what that corresponds to on the 328.

I have proposed connecting the LCD to the Arduino thusly, perhaps with the same resistor configuration as is stated above.

I have been through a few other links notably:

And gleaned some useful advice.

I have been able to get the led's working so far and one black square appear momentarily,
which may mean i have one broken one now.

I have pictures of my lcd with it's soldered ribbon cable to my small breadboard if need be.


I am lost when it comes to code for this too.

Did I mention that I was giving away 4 or 5 LCD's to someone who would help me figure this out?

Id assume that C1-C5 are the PORTC pins; at least thats what I think when I look at the pinout:

You dont mention which board you have (in the picture I see a Diecimila but afaik only the Duemilanove comes with the 328), but hopefully this helps:

Also, while browsing the site your schematic came from, I found this:

LCD pin 2 -> AVR pin 23
LCD pin 4 -> AVR pin 26
LCD pin 5 -> AVR pin 24
LCD pin 11 -> GND
LCD pin 12 -> VCC
LCD pin 13 -> AVR pin 25
LCD pin 14 -> AVR pin 27

Finally, I found this:

You can see the resistor network on the bottom-right of the chip, which matches up with the PORTC pins.

You are correct in the Duemilanove call, I used a picture of the Diecimila in the model but am using the Duemilanove board with an ATMEGA328.

So it looks like according to the diagram, the LCD pins are connected to the analog pins 0-4?

Any idea how that would look in code in terms of turning on and printing 'hello world' ?

BTW thanks for the help so far! PM if you'd like some of these.

I have no clue how to make it do anything, as Im still very new to the Arduino, and I dont know any assembly. However, here is the project containing all the asm files the guy used, hopefully someone else can tell you how to make use of them:


I live in Brazil, if you still need help and can send me one of that displays I would try to port the code for you.

I have an Arduino mini and an Arduino Mega, but once we make it work, it'll be easy on your atmega328