Arduino, Non-mercury vibration sensors and more

Hi everyone, I couldn't find something with the search of the forum, is it broken ? Anyway I am working on a installation where I need to use some arduino. As you might have allready understood, I am a newbee in hardware. Does Anyone knows about those tilt vibration sensors ( ). I think they are just like normal tilt sensors but because I am not buying with my money and I need something like 25,35 of those I prefer to ask for advises. Also, they are out of stock on this website, I can't find a proper website for buying sensors in the UK, believe me I've been searching. I found a few but can't find those Non-mercury vibration sensors or flex sensors. Thankssssssss :)

Hi, if you simply need a Hg-Free tilt switch you can find one at Search for "tilt" on the main page to find the component


HI wayoda,

Thanks for the link. I think the vibration one works in any position/angle. The normal tilt sensor works within a certain angle. Never used them but it's what I understood from the datasheets. I imagine you used them before anyway. ;)

Thank you very much for your reply and the link.