Arduino noob, Robotic arm project! :)

Hi there I am new to Arduino, and I have chosen to use it for a recent uni project.

For my project I am making a robotic arm using 3 servos. 2 of the servos will control the vertical movement and the 3rd controlling a horizontal movement at the end of the arm.

I have researched into using the usb shield and bluetooth dongle paired with a PS3 controller to control the servos, so have an idea of how to re-write the PS3 controller to talk to the USB shield.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me or ultimately similar coding that I could use and adapt for the movement.

Any help would be majorly appreciated! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks folks!

What type of servos are they ?
Whatever type they are power them from an external source and not from the Arduino.

Start small by looking at the Servo library examples and understanding them

The servos I have ordered are these:


Ok awesome :slight_smile: ill have a look!