Arduino Noob Thesis project suggestions

Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm also new to Arduino, so don't blame me if I ask stupid questions.
In my project I need to command 4 independent stepper motors (Nema 23 4A 3.6V). The motors should be activated by gyroscope and accelerometer data. The tension should come from the car socket, which has 12V.
From what I understood, i have to connect every motor to a stepper driver such as A4988 or DRV8825. The point is that I have no idea how the functional scheme could be, and if it could work, since Arduino works at 5V, the motors at 3.6 and the drivers at 8 to 35 V.
If someone has got a lot of patience I would really like to have a chat with him/her because I'm pretty ignorant. Thanks in advance to everybody (hope i kinda explained the problem)

There are countless tutorials on line showing you how to run various types of step motors with Arduino. Appropriate motor drivers and motor power supplies are required. Search for "arduino stepper motor" to find them.

Read through a few and come back when you have specific questions.

In my project I need to command 4 independent stepper motors (Nema 23 4A 3.6V)

How were those numbers chosen, and why?

neither A4988 nor DRV8825 can handle such current.

Arduino works at 5V, the motors at 3.6 and the drivers at 8 to 35 V.

You need to choose a driver board that handles the voltage that the motor requires at the appropriate current, and supply the motor voltage to the motor through the driver. The driver needs to operate at a logic level compatible with your controller, which would be 5V for a 5V Arduino.

Side note...

Arduino Noob Thesis project suggestions

I'm also new to Arduino....I'm pretty ignorant

I'm really curious to know why you chose an Arduino project for your thesis then...

I need motors which can provide at least 2 - 2.5 Nm torque

The fuse will blow long before you are able to move more than one stepper motor!!!!

Yes, the mechanical considerations of the project will inform the specification of the motors. Then, once you have the right motors, spec the power supply and drivers.

Take a view to get some ideas.

Thanks everybody for your answers! I'll try to be more detailed this time
The motor infos were wrong, the right ones are 8.6 V 2A 2.4 Nm torque.
The four motors should run independently one from another and be controlled by stepper drivers: do you know stepper drivers that could be compatible with this motors?
The behavior of the stepper drivers should follow the information detected from gyroscope and accelerometer installed on the Arduino board, since the project is some sort of self balancing seat.
This system should be powered by the car socket, which is at 12 V. Can this system work? Should I reduce the 12V to 5, and if so how?
Thank you all again!

No, it can't because the car socket is fused so as to not start a fire. Please identify the fuse in your actual device and that will tell you the limit for the current you can draw form the socket. Likely 2 amps or less.

If you are noob-like in some aspects of the various challenges this project will present…

in what relevant areas do you bring more to the party?

I would try to build a self balancing whatever at a significantly smaller scale. The internets are full of all kndsa self balancing toys based on smaller motors.

This might be a way to divide the project - I hate to think of anyone powering serious steppers from the automobile battery with an untested mechanical concept holding the laptop on her knees wondering why there’s an undefined function being referred to in the code… wires everywhere, faint whiff of smoke in the air &c.


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I don't know what "thesis" means in this context- it means different things around the world and at different institutions- final year undergrad? masters? doc?- but if you have to ask for thesis (whatever that means) advice on a hobby forum, and confess to being a total beginner, then with respect you're doing the wrong project. Or does asking a bunch of strangers on a forum, whose advice may be really really good or equally really really poor (and not being peer-reviewed you have no way of knowing) count as the literature review / state of the art survey nowadays?

Yeah- it definitely needs a "desktop size" poc before venturing into the real-ish world.

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