Arduino noob with some questions

First of all My name is Will. I just picked up an Arduino with the ATmega328 chip, and an Arduino sensor shield v4.0. Here is what I’m ultimately looking to do.

I’m looking to have Arduino measure the input from a 2-sire temp sensor, then based on that reading it needs to open a servo (standard R/C type). Basically, the higher the temp the more the servo will open.

This is going in to a computer case mod I’m working on. The arduino will have it’s own power supply. When you turn the computer on, the servo will go to a set position. As temp increases/decreases, the servo will move accordingly. When the computer is shut down, the servo will return to its original position. I’m assuming it’d going to need tom kind of trigger wire so it will know when the computer is on. I can just tap into a +5v line for that, or even the +3v line from the power light.

Any and all assistance with this is greatly appreciated!

There are plenty of examples included with the Arduino IDE. There is one for operating a servo based on a potentiometer setting. Your 2-sire (wire?) temp sensor will, in effect, replace the potentiometer as the source of the value to set the servo to.

An if test and a digital pin read, where the +5V line is connected, will allow you to reset the servo when the power goes off.