Arduino + Nordic RF + TI LED Driver

I'm trying to hook up both a Nordic Nrf2401 RF transciever along with a TI 5940 LED Driver . The problem that I've encountered is that the RF Chip requires 3 PWM ports, and the LED driver requires 4.

From my understanding of it so far, the short answer is no I can not interface both of these devices at once with my Arduino Mini, but maybe someone else in this forum has a second opinion? (I'm using the Mini instead of the Mega because size is a concern in this case, which also explains why I'm using a TINY RF chip )

In short, my project entails transmitting LED signal data from 1 arduino to a second via the Nordic RF chipset. That data will be decoded by the second arduino, and then passed along to the LED driver, which will act as a PWM "latch" for the LEDs, offloading the PWM to the driver chip instead of the atmega itself. I plan on using the software libraries linked to on the respective hardware pages on

First time posting here so I hope I've given enough information. Don't want to wander off track and end up providing too much useless information about my project...

I dont see any need to use pwm ports to control the nordic RF, you can use the pins that you want, because as usual it seens that no-one knows what is spi...

Sorry for not knowing much.. Just got into playing around with the Arduino platform..

So I was looking into changing what the pinouts for the RF package were..

I looked into the .h file and saw this:

/* * DR1 = 2 (digital pin 2) * CE = 3 * CS = 4 * CLK = 5 * DAT = 6 */

define DR1 4

define CE 8

define CS 16

define CLK 32

define DAT 64

So from what I gather, if i wanted to change the pin number, I would change the define to 2^pin?

Since the TI chip uses 3, and then 9, 10, 11, 13, I just need to change the pin 3 on the RF chip, and you said I could change it to any other pin (doesn't have to be pwm), so I could change that to pin 7? Which would mean doing #define CE 128?