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I have seen some Instructables on how to use the Arduino as a Thermostat. Basically a LCD is connected with some Push Buttons to set the High and Low Temp thresholds and a Probe does the measuring.

My question is if I have 5 appliances for example and I want to measure and control the temperature of each appliance separately, would I need to have 5 separate Adruino boards or can I connect 5 X Probes + 5 X LCD's + 5 X whatever else is required to 1 single Arduino Board and the program the arduino to control each appliance temperature separately?


How does the topic title relate to the content?

The topic notwithstanding: why would you put five displays on one Arduino? One will do. And if you really want five displays, it probably makes more sense to make five independent units.

If you have a 1602 or 2004 or so with I2C backpack you can easily connect 8 of them on a single I2C bus.

Depending on the "how" part of the control and your programming skills, Arduinos can read five temperature sensors and control five heaters. Especially considering how slow heaters are.