Arduino not on top when started

Recently, when I use Windows file explorer to open a .ino file, the Arduino IDE opens up UNDER the file explorer window. I find this behaviour annoying. Is there some way to get it to start on top?

Check your “file associations” and undo the INO association or “open with” by right clicking the INO file and change from there.

Its more of a windows issue than an IDE issue.


I don't see how that helps. I want the Arduino IDE to open when I click on an .ino file, but I want it to open on top, not under the file explorer. Many other programs operate that way, why doesn't Arduino?

It is still a Windows setting and NOT an IDE issue.

This link may help a little.

Alternately you can [search google ](http://windows open applictaion on top)


I uninstalled Arduino. Then I went to the archive and installed a very old version of Arduino 1.0.6
When I open File Explorer and click on a .ino file, the Arduino IDE opens ON TOP of the File Explorer window every single time, just as it should.

I uninstalled the 1.0.6 version and installed the 1.8.9 version and once again the IDE always starts UNDER the file Explorer.

I am having trouble understanding how this can be a Windows problem.

Those links show how windows controls the position an APP takes as priority to the top.


I don't mean to be obstinate here. It just feel like you are completely dismissing the fact that it works differently now than it used to and the same version of windows.

Can you explain why it works one way with 1.0.6 and another way with 1.8.9 because the links you provided do not clarify that. Nor does a dozen or so google searches.

I cannot explain EXACTLY why.

However I can hazard a pretty fair bet that the older (very very old) version had more compatibility with earlier versions of windows and that an updated (newer) module to ease use in newer OS ignored the requirements it no longer needs.

I just fired up 1.6.5 and that comes up OVER file explorer (1.6.5 was a very stable release btw).

It seems this is a change from 1.8.? onward.

Reason I don't seem to notice is that I run two screens.

You might have found an obscure bug.
Maybe you should go to GitHub and open an issue there where the developers frequent more often ?


Thanks for confirming you can see this too bob.

I'll get over to Github and open an issue.



Don't forget to link back to this thread.


Just did that. Thanks

PickyBiker's issue report: