Arduino not recieving programs from the computer.(Solved)

I just got my arduino a couple of days ago and when I tried uploading a simple "Blink" program from examples it shows these errors .

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51


C:\Documents and Settings\vishal_2\Desktop\Arduino\arduino-0022\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-ar: unable to rename 'core.a'; reason: Permission denied

and sometime(rarely) It uploads

could you please tell me how to get rid of these problems

I am using an arduino duemilanove and my computer is Windows XP

My arduino is not built by me. I bought "Arduino Duemilanove with connection cable" online.

I also tried it on my dad's laptop and it works Its windows 7.Whereas when I try it on my computer it does not work and shows and of the two errors I wrote above and my computer is Windows XP.

Could anyone resolving this problem please pay more attention to the second one as it appears 70 percent of the times.When I try to compile a program this error comes up.(Even when the arduino is not connected)

You can also email me at"". Thanks

Are you running windows 7 x64 on it?
If this is the case maybe you want to go to the core.a and go to properties, advanced and remove the “encrypt contents to secure data” mark.

Hope this helps.

i have the same problem, the same message and instead of you i'm running osx...

The problem I had was a capacitor. If you have a oscciloscope and see if the ATmega chip resets correctly. This error is also due to bad communication between the computer and the Arduino. You can also remove the ATmega from the Arduino and put a jumper between the 2&3 pin and see if it responds in the Serial Monitor. You may also have a bad USB cable. That happend to me once. One minute it was working and then nothing and the same error.

Please follow-up if any of them worked.

Maybe this will help. It is the problem I had and solved. My problem was with a home made Arduino.,55316.0.html

Hope this helps

I tried it and it still does not work . But I do not have an osciloscope. Please give me more suggesions if you can.

I'm sorry but I could not remove my ATMega 360 from the board coz it was too difficult and I thought I would break it .

If you have the Duemilanove it shouldn't be that hard to take it of. You need to do this to find out if there is a problem with the microcontroller or with the board. Just put a screwdriver under it and it should come out. Then place a jumper between the 2&3 pins and go to Serial monitor in the Arduino IDE and see if you recieve anything.

Good Luck

Could you please give me more detaild instructions to do this please as I am a total begginer in the arduino

The ATMega 360 chip did come out.

Hope I am not irritating you. Thanks

If you said that on your dad's computer works and on yours doesn't. Are you sure you have selected the correct COM port and the correct board from the tools menu in the Arduino IDE?

Still see if it is communicating correctly.

Good Luck

I have Pin 2 and 3 connected and can you now tell me what to do in detail instructions please on how to check the serial communication as I am new to these sort of things.

I did have the correct com port and board selected. Do you think I should download another older version of the arduino programming program.

Or................ I'll keep trying whatever I can but please keep posting more suggesions if you can.

Now go to serial monitor and type any key in. If it echoes back it communicates. If that is the case the try uploading a sketch. maybe there was a wrong contact.

If it works on his dad's computer, it's highly unlikely to be a problem with the Arduino. I'd be prepared to wager money it would work fine on a clean install of XP. (One without software overload and the mangled registry....)

Thanks a lot Capacea and pluggy for the suggestions and advices. Now my problem is resolved I went to my school's computer lab and downloaded the arduino sketch(Programming software) onto my USB and now I plugged it into my computer and permanently mounted the USB to my computer so I just opened it from my computer and the program works fine without any errors.