Arduino not recognized after windows update

Hi there, since a recent windows update, i am unable to connect to my arduino board to program it.
I have tested with multiple boards (even new ones) and nothing.
In the device manager it is listed under 'other devices'. Update driver does not work as it says 'there is no compatible drivers for this device'.

Please help

Which Windows version?
Which IDE version?
Which boards? If applicable (Uno, Mega, Nano), for each board, can you identify the TTL-to-USB converter? Common options as the 16U2 (square chip, legs at all sides) and the CH340 (rectangular chip, legs at two sides). If accessible, right click the device in Windows device manager and click properties; it will probably tell you what TTL-to-USB converter is used. Post it here. You can also go to the details tab, select hardware IDs and post the VID and PID.

It might very well be a CH340; verify using above. If so, download from CH341SER.ZIP - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics, extract it and run the executable.

it was the CH341SER thank you so much!

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