Arduino not recognized as any input

My clone arduino nano works fine with arduino ide, and I'm trying to make a game controller (31 buttons) as just a button box. No joysticks. I can upload everything (code) from IDE with no issues, but windows only recognizes it as a port connection, not as a game controller or even keyboard input.

This is my first time trying to use an arduino, because I've gone through two usb encoders now. Both of those just stopped working or started acting up. I thought an arduino would be more reliable, but I didn't want to throw a bunch of money at something I didn't know how to use (and still don't really).

I will attach the code here
Attached is also what the arduino clone shows up as in device manager (USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM4))

button_box_test_code_for_matrix_layout.ino (743 Bytes)

Only boards with native USB can be used as a HID. Your Nano is not one of them.

My advise is to buy e.g. an Arduino Micro or SparkFun ProMicro; this advise because of the similar form factor but there are other boards with native USB.

You can also hack an Uno if it has the 16U2 TTL-to-USB converter.

You can also hack an Uno if it has the 16U2 TTL-to-USB converter.

Which is to say, if actually is a UNO.

Many clones spruiked as "UNO" are not UNO at all, but a derivative of the earlier Duemilanove which used the FTDI chip as the USB interface. The clones now use the cheap-and-cheery Chinese-designed CH340 but some used the CP2102 or PL2303. These cannot be programmed like the 16U2 in an actual UNO design and so only ever function as a serial bridge.

That's why I stated 16U2. But thanks for clarifying.

It just annoys me.

Calling a board a "UNO" when it clearly is not, is openly insulting to the efforts of the Arduino team. Simple as that.

It is open source - you can copy the design. You can argue that calling it an "Arduino UNO" when it is a faithful clone is a copyright infringement - and that is indeed the case albeit a reasonable compliment - but calling it a "UNO" when important features of the design are clearly absent is I feel, considerably worse and openly insulting. :roll_eyes:

Just my feelings. :astonished: