Arduino not recognizing KeyDuino

Hi I just purchased a KeyDuino and I downloaded Arduino to obviously program it. At first I saw my KeyDuino board in the Serial Port section but after some time of me scouring the internet in search of some code for my board I heard some random squeaky noises which I just kind of ignored. Now it is time to upload the code, right? Nope! It will not pop up on all three of my macs and my parallels Windows 10 Device Manager. I feel like I could have fried it. Here is the code but I really don't think it's a software or a computer related issue. I'm wondering if there is a way to hard reset it. I've tried the obvious upload and hold reset but it still says:

Couldn't find a Board on the selected port. Check that you have the correct port selected.  If it is correct, try pressing the board's reset button after initiating the upload.

So that's where I am. I'd appreciate any feedback because I don't know if I should exchange this one or what. The blue and green leds are coming on but it's literally not popping up anywhere.

As the keyduino use a leonardo bootloader,when you push the reset button does windows 10 recognize a port com during few seconds (normaly 8 seconds)?

If yes here is the procedure to restart you board:

  • Open arduino blink sketch and compile it
  • plug the board
  • press the reset button
  • DURING the led flashing, select the COM on arduino
  • DURING the led flashing, program the board with the blink test

If it doesn't works, then yes it's possible that the board fried, do you plug something on the inputs/outputs pins?

No it isn't popping up. So how should I repair it if it's fried? Or should I just replace it.