Arduino Not running program on external power only

Hello everyone I am a bit of a noob to the arduino, I have created some interesting wearable stuff with it. But I can only get my programs on the ATmega168 and Arduino NG to run when connected to USB. When I have a 9v battery connected to it and the jumper set to external power, the power LED on the Arduino lights up but the program does not run. So I either need someone to give me a suggestion or find a retailer of USB cables about 22 miles long. ;)

I have 2 arduino's an both do the same thing.

Do i need to program the AVR with the jumper set to external power or something?

Please help.

Hi, check out the troubleshooting guide:

Thanks for that bit of info but it doesn’t correct the problem. The sketch is still in memory, the power supply is not noisy. The bootloader is on the board.

The problem's not that the power supply is noisy, but that the RX pin is floating. Did you try attaching the resistor?

Give me a second and i will give it a shot

You are a god among men. It worked.